Thursday, 2 April 2015

A to Z Challenge: B is for....

Hello Everyone, 

The second day of the A-Z Challenge has come, and I am Busy considering the Bahamas on my Blog (haha, I'm hilarious aren't I?).

The Bahamas are a cluster of Islands off the coast of Florida. There are about 30 inhabited islands, but there are 700 islands altogether. You could do an entire holiday or travelling there. A romantic getaway, spa trip, whatever you want, its gonna look gorgeous. Even if you love history and sightseeing, you can do something under those umbrellas.

It looks like Paradise to me. You can go snorkeling, deep sea diving and rock-climbing. I may not seem like it all the time, but I do love being active and trying out new activities. Although I do have one main consideration: I must be able to take pictures. I have gotten better at doing it while things are moving and having quick reactions to snap the instant reactions or things I'm doing.

Any way, one of my top places to visit would be the Bahamas, definitely for about a month or so, just to get in the perfect amount of sightseeing,outdoor activities and relaxing on the beaches of Paradise.