Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Hello Everyone,

I don’t know where this post today is going to go. I just felt the urge to write something. So it may be a bit of a rant, or I may not publish it at all. Who knows.

Writing when I feel like this calms me. I can get all my thoughts down on paper, and they’re just for me. But I don’t think I would mind anyone else reading them. It’s not that sort of private thoughts. I don’t mind people knowing what I’m thinking, most of the time. Some things are not worth saying, and some are too personal for anyone to ever know I’d thought them. But this is a different kind of thinking. It’s the philosophical thinking I get when I’ve spent too long in someone else’s thoughts. Or I’ve gotten too attached to them, and can’t always tell where I, Grace, ends and they begin.

This is beginning to sound like I have some kind of schizophrenia. I don’t. But sometimes, when I finish reading a book (or books, as it normally is) I get so wrapped up in a characters’ head that I have completely integrated myself into their world, and returning to reality is like waking up from a dream that you really enjoyed. Although, it isn’t always enjoyed as such, but it is really vivid, and you don’t want to leave. You have been completely submerged in someone else’s life for a little while, and it is just paradise. Do you know what I mean, or am I just rabbling?

I love reading about other people’s lives, and I hope that other people like reading about mine. I love to read stories. I really just love to read. And my love of reading has led onto a love of writing, or of a goal to write. I know how important stories are to people, and how they can play into how you view the world. Not always in a bad way, which some people believe. They believe that reading stories makes people believe that the world always has a happy ending, which isn’t true. Not everyone gets a happy ending. But that doesn’t mean you should read stories without happy endings for the sake of it. I believe that it opens people’s hearts to acceptance, accepting people, and gives them the hope of a happy ending. Even as I write this, the rational part of my mind is pointing out all the flaws in the last few statements. There is more to life than a happy ending. I know this, as every time I finish a book, I want to read more, and find out what happens to the characters after the curtain falls, what goes on in the rest of their lives. You need to work hard for things like relationships and careers. Nothing is ever easy, but loving it makes it seems less like hard work. Find this point, and everything will fall into place.