Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A-Z Challenge: A

Hello Everyone, 

Today is the first day of the A-Z Challenge 2015. I am going to be bogging for 26 days out of April's 30, with Sundays off for good behaviour. My theme this year is Places I want to Travel to (check out my the theme reveal here). 

Today's letter is A, and the country is Australia. I want to visit Australia for personal reasons. One of my oldest friends moved there about a year and a half ago, and I'm pretty keen to see him again. He lives in Adelaide (another A) in the south. Lots of pretty beaches and sun for me to relax in, along with beach-side bars too. 

I also have family elsewhere in Australia, so visiting them would be fun too. Of course there is also Sydney and all that entails to see the Opera House etc. 

Another reason to see Australia is a little island off the coast of Australia called Tasmania. One, I want to see a Tasmanian Devil. So if not in Tasmania, where else am I going to see one? Two, I want to see my Dad's old stomping ground of George Town, a tiny little town in the north of the island where he lived for a few years. It also has some pretty nice hiking trails.

So Australia is on my A-Z list to visit.