About Me

Hello Everyone, 

I'm Grace. I'm a sophomore studying at the University of New Mexico for an exchange year. Life in the 'Deen comes from my home university of Aberdeen. University is an experience that I wanted to document and I had always loved writing. They say write about what you know, so I thought why not document my experiences online. So one morning I set up Life in the 'Deen, and I never want to stop.

Life is for living, agreed? But life is also about remembering and sharing experiences. This is what my blog loves to do. Share my experiences with you guys out there who read me. I am a normal girl. I sometimes am a little boring and just stick my head in a book, but other times I am adventurous and will try anything once. I love trying new things, and just want to share things I do with people. So taking advantage of the over-sharing gene I have and the opportunities for it in this day and age, I blog.

Feel free to have a look around this little piece of internet that is under my control, and if you like it, let me by commenting and coming back to visit.

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