Friday, 11 April 2014

A-Z Challenge: J


Hello Everyone,

Well today is the fabulous link up, Five on Friday (hosted by AprilDarciChristina and Natasha) so here are five fabulous books beginning with J.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre is one of the classic Bronte novels, and one of the most famous love stories of all time: Jane and her brooding Mr Rochester. It is a story of love, loss and betrayal. Although Jane is not the most beautiful woman, she still wins her man, through a quick wit and a refusal to do exactly as he bids. She has some character, not like some drippy female characters from this age. The BBC adaptation is very good I’ve been told, and the movie is particularly faithful to the book.

               Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Journey to the Centre of the Earth is nothing like the movie with Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutchison. It is a proper sci-fi alternative universe under our feet novel, one of my favourites. You are willing the young assistant and the doctor he follows to make their discovery, or even get back to our world! When they fail to get to the centre of the earth, you are heartbroken for them, but also slightly curious about what actually lay there, and what the creatures they discovered were like.

                Jurassic Park
Bet you never knew that this was a book first! I have never read or seen Jurassic Park, but I love the concept. Dinosaurs being brought back to life and then running rampant, of course I’m going to love it. It can be compared to Frankenstein, with the moral of humans playing with life and how far life will go to survive.

                Judy Moody
Judy Moody was a real childhood book. Judy was an adventurous child, who liked to explore, and frequently got into trouble because of it. But her heart was always in the right place, and she was just as skilled at getting herself out of trouble as into it. A perfect series of stories for any young child who sometimes gets into a bit of trouble.

                Journey to River Sea
Journey to River Sea is a beautiful heart-warming story by the tragic author Eva Ibbotson. Maia has never had a family. So when she finds out that she has an aunt and uncle living next to the Amazon jungle halfway across the world, she jumps at the chance to live with them. When she does arrive there, although things are not always as they seem, Maia learns to cope and thrive on the adventure she embarks on at the edge of the Amazon.

Can you think of any that I’ve missed? Comment below letting me know.



  1. Grace,

    I love Jane Eyre! I first read this book as a child and it really affected me. Such a sad childhood and unjust treatment. I cried so much. Yes this is one book I would include on my list of all time favourites.

    1. It is one that highlights the class distinction, and the gender distinction during this time very well. I love her fearlessness when talking to Mr Rochester, she is not afraid to put him in his place.