Friday, 25 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: V

Hello Everyone,

It’s Friday, and that means it is Five on Friday (hosted by the fabulous girls AprilDarciChristina and Natasha), which is five times the books and five times the fun! The letter today is V, a Very Vicious Vocation of a letter that I am Vying to do!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
This is a beautiful little picture book about, you guessed it, a very hungry caterpillar. He just eats and eats and eats. And then he curls up into a cocoon and sleeps for a long time. When he comes out, he is no longer a caterpillar, but a beautiful butterfly. I remember being read this as a little girl, and I in turn read it to my little sister. Children all across the world love it. A simple but very effective story. Did you get read it as a child, or did you read it to your own, or someone else’s children? What did you think of it?

           The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
This was possibly my favourite of the Narnia books, not funnily enough The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I can’t quite explain why, it just is. It might be because there is no actual villain to fight, it is the character’s flaws that cause the problems for the quest. I just loved the character of Eustace. I know this is not normal, he is presented as a horrible character, but he changes and learns the most from his time in Narnia, and I love things like that.

Venus and Adonis
This is a poem by Shakespeare about two lovers, Venus and Adonis. Adonis wants to go hunting, but Venus seduces him instead. It is later revealed that Adonis died in his hunting trip after his time with Venus. I absolutely adore Shakespeare, his words are just stunning. I especially love his poems and plays about love. I am a bit of a sap like that, and a bit of a romantic.

Valentine Grey
This is a magnificent piece of work about human equality and the suffering people had to go through to get it. Valentine Grey stays in London with her cousin Reggie and his lover Frank. When the Boer War and conscription starts, Valentine takes her cousin’s place, so he can stay with Frank. However, both of them face persecution for their choices. The army is not a welcoming place for a woman, nor London for a homosexual.

Vampire Diaries
I am not a fan of Vampire fiction, although I have read all the Twilight books. I just think that this genre is a bit overdone and out dated. However, I have heard that the Vampire Diaries is better than the Twilight saga (and they were written first), so I will be trying to check them out at some point.


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