Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Difficulties of being a Student Blogger

Hello Everyone, 

I've read so many posts on other blogs about how their blogs are written, and how they choose their content for their posts. One thing I have noticed is that the blogs I read are written by full time bloggers or stay-at-home mothers. Now, I love reading their blogs, but I always feel bad that I don't post as often as they do, or spend as much time blogging as they do. But I do just try to remember that I am a student. It isn't always possible for me to blog everyday, or have time to get ahead with posts. My studies have to come first, no matter how much I want to spend three hours a day working on my blog and the content and photos.

As a student we are stuck in a sort of limbo between childhood and teenage years, and being an actual adult. We have some of the qualities of both sides, and some that are completely unique to us alone. As generally, we don't have 'on, off' hours. There is no sign-out for us. Our hours are completely set to us, apart from the time we decide to go to class. This means that often free time is very busy really. We will have occasional nights off from our reading, homework, lectures, tests and studying to rest, and sleep. So finding the motivation on these nights to do something other than that is so difficult. I'm sure that the many stay-at-home mothers/bloggers feel the same, looking after children is a full time and tiring job, which I admire them for. However, children can be left to amuse themselves for a couple of hours a day, giving the mums free time to work on their blogs. Student jobs and tasks cannot be left, or they will not get done. Some days you are fighting to get four hours of sleep, let alone time to do anything else. So time is a commodity that many students do not have.

Another major limitation that students have in the way of blogging is money, or rather, a lack of it. There are two main platforms for free blogging: Blogger and Wordpress. However, if you are looking for something slightly more professional and custom-able to your own vision, you need some money for an annual subscription. This is pretty big commitment to someone who is probably just trying it out. Along with this base price, if you want to advertise your blog on social media, you will need to pay for that. Then if you want to advertise on another blogger's blog, then that costs too. Plus, for professional looking photos, there is the photo editing software for your computer and of course the camera itself and all the gadgets that go along with it. We are lucky enough to be living in an age that most of us have a camera in our pocket as our phones, but with this move in technology, the best looking photos are still done on a professional cameras. This all costs a lot. And students do not have the most money at the best of times. We generally do not have a full-time wage coming in and can just about afford the basics, along with the hope to save enough to pay off our loans (eventually). This lack of money means that it is much harder for a student-budget blog to stand out from the crowd that is the blogosphere.

I am not saying that it is impossible for a student-budget blog to make it. It will just require a lot of time and effort (and a lot of sleepless nights), probably more than other 'adult' blogs will have had to. However, despite these barriers to breaking into the industry, blogging still remains a huge passion of mine. I feel that all the work is worth it when I see how people react to my posts. And I'm still discovering more and more about the world of blogging every time I do it. There are ways around all the barriers above, whether it is better budgeting, or finding another way around it. So don't allow these things to stand in your way if you want to start. Grab your computer and some wifi, and off you go.

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