Saturday, 8 November 2014

My Love/Hate Realtionship with... Beauty Bloggers

Hello Everyone, 

I love beauty blogs. I could spend all day sitting and reading make-up reviews, make-up and styling tips. I love make-up tutorials and tips, tricks and hacks to make putting on your make-up much easier and quicker. Seeing people use the products that they write about is one of my favourite things to do. Watching video reviews is an interesting thing to do as well. There are countless ways to get into beauty blogging, and do it successfully. There is a reason that there are more beauty blogs than any other kind, as there is so much scope to put your own spin on it, and ways to get pretty successful pretty quickly.

However, as much as I love beauty blogs, and the personas behind them (because that's what keeps you coming back as much as the content), I have some small problems with them.

If there isn't a strong persona behind the blog, then no matter what their content is, and how good a review or product or tutorial it is, it gets very boring to read. However, not everyone has this ability to put across a well-put together persona behind their blog. It can be something as simple as they don't seem friendly enough when you're reading or watching to something as huge as the design of the blog. It's all these little things that make a big difference.

There are so many out there. There isn't quite enough time for me to read all the new beauty bloggers out there that I want to so I tend to stick to my favourites. This means that quite often I will be reading about the same products again and again, with generally similar reviews. So it becomes a bit boring to read about again and again and again.

Also, many of the beauty bloggers will not review too many truly high street brands, the best reviews will be centred around much more expensive brands which the general person is not able to afford. This makes reading beauty product reviews rather jarring as you know you cannot afford to pay £50 for a foundation, no matter how good it is. It would have to be miraculous in fact for me to want to spend that much on foundation (I don't really wear it that much). Also, reading some reviews of products only available in say, America (not too much of a problem at the moment) is also annoying as even if the product is reasonably priced, the package and posting will always put it out of the normal person's price range.

However, no matter how many problems I find with beauty bloggers, I am never going to stop reading them. I like make-up too much (and most of my problems stem from the fact I am slightly jealous that I don't look like them, can't (don't have time to) apply make-up as well as them, and that I can't yet afford their lifestyles.) But I will get there one day, and so can you too.