Friday, 14 November 2014

Five on Friday

Hello Everyone, 

Today's Five on Friday (hosted by AprilDarciChristina and Natasha) is my top-five make-up hacks that I've picked up along the way to either make putting on my make-up easier or quicker. 

1. Foundation: I'm not one for liquid foundation normally, just powder and concealer. However, some days when I need slightly more coverage, or am going from day to night pretty quickly, I will use it. So, to save me a little time, and reduce the coverage, stopping the 'cakey' look that can happen, when I am putting on my moisturiser, I mix a little of the foundation into it, and then apply with my fingers. I normally use a ratio of about 60:30 of moisturiser to foundation, but if you want more coverage, then you can use more foundation. To blend this out and into my concealer properly, I also use my powder brush (with no powder on it) to quickly blend everything together, and then powder to set.

2. Eye-liner: To create the perfect wing every time that is even on both sides, angle your brush, line pen, what ever you use from the bottom of your nose to your eye, and draw along that line. 

3. Nail polish: If your nail polish is getting a little gloopy and dried out, then just add a couple of drops of polish remover to the polish, and mix it up. It will be much thinner and easier to apply again. 

4. Lipstick: To keep the colour strong for longer, I blot with a paper tissue twice, reapplying the colour each time. For longer staying power though, lastly I blot again for a third time, with only one layer of the tissue, also dusting with translucent powder. It mattifies the colour and keeps it in place all day. 

5. Lipstick: To stop myself from getting lipstick on my teeth, I make an O with my mouth and put my index finger in and slowly pull it out. Problem solved.