Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hello Everyone,

Although on Sunday I told you about my day trips, there is one particular day trip that was very memorable for me. We were supposed to be looking for a market to buy some groceries from, and instead we found the annual FĂȘte des Ramparts in Dinard. This is essentially a Renaissance Fair, so everybody was dressed up in medieval garb, along with a tournament and stalls selling medieval produce. I am not often under dressed, but on that day I was. Everyone got involved and it was lovely to see, it isn't something that really happens in Britain.

There's a lot of effort put into this festival
Wish I had taken them up on their offer!
Fancy some furs? Or a belt buckle? There was pretty much everything on sale
No medieval festival is complete without a jester
The streets were lined with these flags, all colours of the rainbow
A blurry picture of my dad blending in with the locals!
The musicians played some medieval music to help set the mood
There were lots of street performers
I have never wanted to buy a sword/bow and arrow so much ever!
These guys put so much effort into their costumes!
This is so cute! (I'm sorry about the blurriness) 
This was the security detail!

The Medieval Walk

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