Thursday, 12 June 2014

Travelling the World

Hello Everyone,

As part of my Exchange Year, I sat down with my friend and made a list of things to do once I got there, things that we think are quintessentially American (or things that I just want to do). 
  1. Attend an American Football Game
  2. Attend a Fraternity party
  3. Witness a Keg Stand
  4. Shop in Walmart
  5. Visit L.A.
  6. Visit the Grand Canyon
  7. Attend the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival
  8. Visit Santa Fey
  9. Visit Pheonix
  10. Make friends with a 21 year old
  11. Visit New York
  12. See a celebrity, talk to them and take a selfie
  13. Visit Harry Potter World
  14. Find a designer piece in a thrift store
  15. Have a meal in the Olive Garden
  16. Attend the Day of the Dead festival
  17. Attend Mardi Gras
  18. Have an American Thanksgiving
  19. Imitate the New Mexican accent
  20. Take a picture of a sunset in the mountains
  21. Actually tan
  22. Visit a diner bar
  23. Go to McDonald's and supersize a meal
  24. Go to a mall
  25. Visit Washington DC
  26. Learn some American slang
  27. Go to Barnes and Noble
  28. Visit a gig
  29. Attend a karaoke night
  30. You decide!!!
For my last aim, I would like suggestions from you guys. What is something I should do that is quintessentially American? Comment, tweet, or leave suggestions on my Facebook wall with your ideas (please be sensible ones, not illegal or anything). I will choose either the most suggested idea, or my favourite.