Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Last week I didn't do a Weekly Update as my week was fairly boring, I spent it in the library studying for most of it. However, I did go to a really nice restaurant with some family members for which there will  be a review coming soon. 
I spent the day in my kitchen snacking on biscuits and tea, while writing essays plans and committing them to memory. I made my notes lovely and colourful because that is how I study. I will try and do a study tips post, although it is a bit late for some people, perhaps for those of you starting the journey into exams.

Pretty much as the same as Wednesday. Not much else to say really.

This was an eventful day. I had an exam from 3-5pm, then I had to run to catch a bus at 6 o'clock. It was a bit stressful, but I got on the bus home eventually. That was my first year over! All my exams are done! I am free for summer!

This was a nice relaxing day with the family. I didn't really do much, just chilling and reveling in that I didn't have any studying to do. My sister and her friend and I watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters in the evening.

I spent the morning relaxing again, and then met up with my friend Laura in the afternoon for a coffee. That was a lovely day. We got some coffee, then did a bit of shopping, then back to the coffee shop. 

I spent the day doing some blogging stuff, some posts and the lovely make-over. Hope you like it. 

I spent the morning relaxing, and then in the afternoon, I met up with Laura again and did a bit of shopping. Then, an early bed in time for my train to London in the morning.