Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Spent the day in the library, in order to finish the presentation research and hand-out.

One of the days that I just never stop, although finding out that me glee rehearsal was cancelled was helpful as it gave me time to eat. I then had a ballet class and felt very fit as walked to the beach ballroom for my dance show technical rehearsal. Finally got my tiger onesie, and armed with my ears, nose and whiskers, we got on stage to have pictures taken and to try out the dance a couple of times. Also managed to score a lift home from the teacher, so didn’t have to walk home. Wrote a couple of blog posts when I got in, and then off to bed.

It was the day of the dance show, and as I had to go into uni with my stage make-up on, I did get some funny looks. Another meeting for my presentation, and then I walked to the beach ballroom again. After a dress rehearsal, me and a girl in my tap class headed to ASDA to get supplies (a.k.a sweets and crisps to eat after our dance was over). When we got back, it was all a-go with make-up, costumes, hair (I sat out at that point!) and a last minute run through. Once our dance was over, we breathed a sigh of relief, and then proceeded to eat rather a lot of sweets and juice while everyone else ran around changing for other dances. I clearly, in my onesie, was very comfortable. Shared a taxi home with a couple of girls that recognised me from halls (sometimes being distinctive pays off!) and from the law ball.

Spent the day doing not much else but essay writing, drafting the hand-out for our presentation, and that’s about it. Pretty quiet day.

Similar to Saturday, except you have to add in a few errands to the essay writing. Although, I did manage to get caught in a hailstorm while taking out the recycling! Scottish weather baffles me sometimes.

Spent the day in the library to finish the essay, and just had the referencing and conclusion to go. Group meeting for presentation on Wednesday was planned at five, but ended up being at 8 o clock. Feel a lot more prepared now though.


A quieter day, aimed to finish my essay completely, practise for presentation tomorrow and try to write some blog posts if have time. As I detest the library at the moment, I spent the time in Alfie’s instead. 


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