Thursday, 27 March 2014

Shopping Spree

Hello Everyone,

Now, normally at this point in the week, I would tell you about my top YouTube playlist of the week, but as I went shopping this week, I thought I would give you the lowdown on what I bought:
  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Black
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
  • Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary
  • No. 7 Match Made Concealer in Calico
  • No. 7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner in Bohemian
  • No. 7 Gift Set including High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink, Skin Illuminator, Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in Middle Shade of Cappuccino Trio and Exceptional Definition Mascara in Black
  • H&M dress in army green
  • Heroes of Olympus Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
  • Heroes of Olympus Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Firstly, I went to Boots, and some may say I went crazy but I disagree. I ‘needed’ all this stuff (I say ‘needed’ because nobody really needs makeup, but anyway…) as I was about to run out of three things: my gel eyeliner, my pressed powder and my concealer. Now, as they have a wonderful 3 for 2 deal for all Rimmel London products, I just had to get my gel eyeliner and pressed powder from there. This meant that I had 2 out of the 3 products I needed for the deal, so therefore I had to buy a lovely new lilac nail polish of course. Now for the concealer. There was an advert saying that if you bought two No. 7 products, then you could get a free gift set for free (this would be my gift to me, hey, I’ve had a hard week!). So when I saw that you could get a lovely purple eye liner for the same price as one of the concealers (I’d planned on buying two, so I could get the gift set), of course I had to have it. There are some things here that I have never used before, and I look forward to trying them out and recommending/ rejecting them to you. Then, I went to H&M, where I found this lovely dress, and I got 25% off. What’s a girl to do? So of course I had to have that. Then, lastly, because I feel no shopping trip is complete without a trip to a bookstore, I got myself the next two books in the Heroes of Olympus Series on a gift card, my Waterstones card, and then actual money. So I only paid a fiver for them both. Bargain, eh? And so, because I was feeling rather shopped out at this point, I headed home to start on the books (or course reading, or whatever…)