Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Number One Youtube Playlist: Exercise Mix

Hello Everyone,

This week’s number one playlist is great if you need that extra boost when working out, or even just to walk to university in the morning! Now I’m no gym bunny, I prefer to walk everywhere and dance a lot. But I sometime quite like doing these YouTube exercise videos. This playlist was put together by rangeetkaswagnr. This one is good because as it includes some more relaxing videos as well as intense workouts (apart from some rather odd sounding names). Hopefully this will inspire you to try a couple of these perhaps.

Order of Videos:

1.       Bubble butt workout for women at home exercise
2.       Yoga Sarvangasana Remove obesity yoga Health Fitness
3.       Yoga for women at home women workout
4.       Yoga 10 min exercise for weight loss for women at home
5.       Women Fitness Exercise Woman at Home Workout
6.       Weight Loss for Women Exercise at Home
7.       Total Body Weight Loss Home Top Women Workout Weight Loss Women
8.       Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat at Home for Women
9.       5 Minutes Abs Workout for Women at Home

The link for this playlist is here

Hope you enjoy it. Comment below with any ideas that you have for next week's theme.