Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

I had my International Exchange Meeting. This is where we were told all the information about the rest of the application process for going to the University that we are going to next year. We were given hand-outs and forms, lots and lots of forms. Lots of forms. It is unbelievable the number of forms I have to fill out. And deadlines. Got to love those deadlines.

Busy day again. Spent the entire day (apart from lectures) in the library finishing my essay and assignments. Then was rushing around until about 9 o clock that night, and all I wanted to do was sit down and have a cup of tea and a biscuit. 

Well, I was in uni from 10 until 4. Then had a birthday chat with my auntie (her birthday, not mine) on Skype. After that I met up with a friend and headed out to the Lucy Hawking talk (see my review here). Afterwards, we headed back to her flat where we proceeded to eat our own body weight in pizza, crisps and grapes (odd combo, I know).

Spent the entire day in the library as I had an assignment due on Monday and I hadn’t even started it (it was only 750 words, plenty of time). I also tried to write my posts for this week and my Gaudie Life and Style article.

Sunday was a quiet day where I didn’t really do anything at all. Started on my reading for the next couple of weeks, and I had a dance rehearsal in the afternoon, which meant a really long walk in the sun through the park.

Monday was just one of those days. I ended up walking to and from uni three times. The first time I was going in to print something out in the library, when I realised that I had forgotten my Student ID.  So I had to go back for it. After that I had a meeting with my Advisor of Studies, so I went along to that. Then I headed back to halls to have some lunch. Then I had to head back into uni for my classes that day. So that was three times to and from uni. Exhausting!


Nice day. Just one lecture in the morning, then a coffee and cake with my friend. Spent the afternoon with another blogger again. Then, had a lot of work to do so spent the evening working and researching for a presentation tomorrow. It never seems to stop.