Friday, 21 March 2014

Five on Friday

Hello Everyone

I have now decided to join the link-up called Five on Friday, where bloggers share five things about their lives on a Friday. This can be anything, and does not have to have a theme. This week, as tonight I have the Aberdeen University Dance Society Show, I have decided to have a theme of dance, but I won’t always have a theme every week
  1. Here is a video of me dancing, just to shake things up a bit, not just text and pictures. Hope you enjoy
2.     I have danced since I was five years old. Well, I say five years old, I met my teacher when I was in nursery. She came and did ‘Music and Movement’ with the older kids. This was the ultimate, when you were old enough to be in the special older kids group and work with Judy. Then, before I left nursery, I showed an interest in wanting to go to ballet lessons. The reasoning was that I thought I could turn like a ballerina, so I wanted to become one (I couldn’t!) And my nursery said that Judy did lessons, so my parents decided to send me there. And I have been going ever since. When I was ten I started tap as well. I still go to my old dance school today, when I am back home visiting, I turn up and take part in a couple of classes. There’s a saying there, you will never really leave Judy’s dancing, you’re always part of the school.
One of my dancing shows, I think I was about 10ish?

3.     I have not necessarily always been the best at dancing, although practise helps a lot. I really found my place when at twelve, I started pointe work. It was like a dream come true, I had strong feet, a strong core, a good arch on my insteps, and I was good at it. Something just clicked, and from then on, I knew that I would always dance, no matter what. I have kept true to this mantra, and now am part of the Aberdeen University Dance Society and the Glee Club. Both these are heavily performance based, and allow me expand my dance experience from being fairly limited to a wider repertoire of show dance, jazz and lyrical, as well as continuing with my ballet and tap. 
All my pointe shoes, old and new. They make lovely decorations don't they?

4.     Dance is something that everyone can do. It doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, thin, fat whatever. If you love it, it will not make a difference. You don’t even have to be any good. (that’s not strictly true, if you want to pursue a career in it then it is necessary that you are good. But if you just dance for the love of it, then it’s fine to be bad. It’s probably more fun that way !) 
Casual dance show in the kitchen

5.     I have made some amazing friends at my dancing, that I really hope I stay in touch with. Dancing is one of the best ways to make friends I have found, because it is a real conversation starter, and you will have something in common. 

  • A little dancing girls reunion

  • That's my Five on Friday.