Thursday, 26 March 2015

Californian Adventure: San Francisco Day Four

Hello Everyone, 

My fourth day in San Francisco, which was my last, was a pretty busy one. I was up early to get myself to Pier 41, for my Alcatraz visit. 

Alcatraz, the prison, was one of the most interesting things I've ever been to. I would completely go again, I don't feel like I managed to see and do everything I wanted to, and I was there for half a day. I'm not going to go too deep into what I thought of it because that is a better if it has a whole blog post to itself. It is that sort of place. 

When I got off the ferry from Alcatraz, I headed back down the Piers to see the famous Pier 39. And the sea lions. Unfortunately, a lot of the sea lions weren't there for whatever reason, so all of them were clustered in the back corner of the big floating wooden docks. Normally they could be covering all around the dock. But the ones I did see, they were very cute, and pretty noisy. I can't imagine what the sound that all the sea lions would make. It would be cacophony. But pretty mega cute. 

After a nice lunch of fried fish, calamari and shrimp and chips with a whole heap of salt and vinegar, I caught the bus to the biggest attraction ever in San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge. It is pretty amazingly cool. You sort of run out of superlatives to describe it. Its awe inspiring. I didn't have time to walk all the way across it, but I definitely had to get closer to those huge glowing pillars. So I walked over to the first pillar. It was pretty windy, and misty, making it look really cool. I hope my pictures show how it. 

The bus ride back to Fisherman's Wharf was pretty uneventful. Relaxed strolling around there, doing a bit of shopping for a few keep-sakes to take back with me. I found somewhere lovely to have dinner, and then started to walk back to the hostel. I was getting pretty emotional at this point, I love San Francisco, and then I found the cutest little park, with an absolutely amazing view of the San Franciscan skyline. The only way to describe it is to show you. 

My four days in San Francisco were a dream. It was a city that I could see myself living in, and so I left a little piece of my heart there. It was the first city that I visited totally independently, after choosing to do so. I packed so much into those four days that I feel like I really saw San Francisco, yet I barely scratched the surface of this great city. But I can say for sure that I will be revisiting in my lifetime.