Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review: Tanya Burr's Nail Polish

Hello Everyone, 

I know this is a little late in the game, as this beauty brand has been in shops for a while now, but I just have to tell you what I think about it. 

I picked up this nail polish with a bit of trepidation, I've had star branded make-up before, and often it has ended up in my junk pile of make-up that I save for things like Halloween body make-up or for re-gifting to younger girls wanting to own their own make-up (a.k.a younger sisters). They are normally cheaply made with awful colours or bad packaging that falls apart as soon as you open it. So I wasn't expecting too much from this nail polish, but I thought I would invest in Tanya and at least try it. 

Boy, were my expectations wrong?! The quality of it is much better than I ever would have thought. It does not chip easily, I have it on my nails currently, and it has lasted almost five days with no hugely noticeable chips. The colour is gorgeous, and the design is pretty good. One problem I have is the square cover for the screw top brush. I was really confused when I first used it as I couldn't work out why it wasn't unscrewing, 

As to the whole Tanya Burr collection, I love all the colours, and it is a pretty good range of different shades. The fact that she has named all the colours individually is really cute as well. It is slightly on the pricey end for nail polishes, but as a gift for someone (especially a tween girl) it would be perfect. The best story I have about this is that one of my friends in Albuquerque watches pretty similar YouTubers to me, and so for her Christmas present I picked her up a nail polish and a lip gloss while I was back home, as they are not available in the USA.