Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Losing my way

Hello Everyone, 

I must admit, I lost my way with my blog. Other things got in my way and posting stopped being my biggest priority. I got lazy you could say. I needed some time away to get my head on straight. So that's what I did this Christmas. 

I don't want to be posting half-assed posts on this space. I want to concentrate more on the words I put out into the world and spend time considering them. The blogs I love to read do this, and it shows. To develop my own writing and style is why I started this blog in the first place (as well as bit of fun).

My biggest problem is trying to do too much at one time rather than concentrating my efforts on one thing at a time. I have to work on this, and it will be one of my main goals coming up for the one year anniversary for starting this blog.

At the time of drafting this post, I am on a road trip from Pennsylvania to Albuquerque, so I have a lot of time to think and write (and take some pictures of course). Being forced to do this is good because although Christmas was my time to reflect on things that have happened in my life, it was difficult as I spent a lot of time doing things and seeing people (essentially trying to fit five months into four weeks). This is time where all I have to do is think (as trying to save charge on electronic items leaves me a lot of time in my own head). I have no-where to be or go immediately. I'll get there when I get there.

The main thing coming out of all these thoughts buzzing around in my head is that although I want my blog to ultimately mean something, more importantly, I want it to be a reflection of me. I am still changing and discovering who I am and who I want to be, so I want my blog to reflect that. When I need to update it, I will, until I am happy with it. This may take years, but I'll get there.

Rather than write about things I don't know about, I want to write about what I am interested in, and what I know, or my experiences of it (whatever 'it' is). If I see or hear about something that gets me thinking, I may write about my thoughts here. I am a pretty full person with many interests, which can seem eclectic at times, but if you'll stick with me it will all make sense eventually. I love writing, and having this little space on the internet where I am free to do just that makes me so happy. I hope it makes you happy reading it.