Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How to survive a Road Trip

Hello Everyone, 

I recently went on a road trip from Allentown, Pennsylvania to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is about 28 hours of driving. That's a long time to be stuck in a car. So, I've compiled a few survival techniques that I picked up to get someone through this, or another long road trip. 

1. Don't rely on electronic devices. Eventually they will run out of charge, most likely the least opportune time for this to happen. Have with you an actual book, or a set of cards to play with someone so as to save charge on these things.

2. Snack. Often. You are unlikely to have normal meal times as it will depend on where you are able to stop, so make sure you have lots of snacking items to keep you going until you are able to stop. 

3. Have a really good playlist. This is especially important for the person driving, as it is the only thing they can do to pass the time while driving. It gives the passengers something to bond over, and don't be afraid to turn the volume up loud and sing along. 

4. Swap seats/move around. Do this as much as possible as it breaks up the journey if you are in different places. Sitting in one place slows the time down, and you are much more likely to get bored. 

5. Toilet break. Every time you stop is an opportunity to take a toilet break. By doing this, you are much less likely to be caught short at a point in the journey when there aren't any rest-stops/service stations nearby for you to use. 

6. Get as much sleep as you can. If you do what we did on my road trip, and drive through the night, it is imperative to get as much sleep as possible when you can, as tiredness on the road can be fatal. 

7. Have fun. Road trips can be an amazing bonding time for you and your friends. Make sure you take advantage of it. Be silly, laugh often, and the time will fly by.