Friday, 23 January 2015

Five on Friday

Hello Everyone, 

It's time for Five on Friday, hosted by AprilDarciChristina and Natasha. You should go check these lovely ladies out, I absolutely love reading their blogs.

This week is some attempts of mine to try out photos on my GoPro. You can decide how they turned out.


We came out of our class at the gym on Wednesday to a sight very similar to this, so once I got back to my room, I headed back out, determined to get some photos of the snow in the desert. 


Trying my hand at a selfie with the GoPro. Haven't quite got it yet, but getting there. And the scarf I borrowed off my roommate. And yes, it is a Gryffindor scarf. I'm proud of my house okay?!


The little river/pond thing round the back of the dorm. I thought it was pretty with all the snow. 


Okay, I cheated a little with this one, but I really like this series of photos. I tried the Time Lapse feature this time, and although they didn't turn out exactly as I expected, I just really love them. And yes, I am doing what you're all thinking. I am dancing in the snow. 


Again, I cheated. The lighting isn't quite as good as I would have liked in these ones, but I'm playing Hide and Seek with myself! I think it's cute, and wanted to share it with you.