Tuesday, 18 November 2014

These are a Few of my Favourite Things


Hello Everyone, 

This Tuesday I am doing something slightly different. I am taking part in a holiday link up party hosted by A Liz AdventuresCheers Y'allMiss Dixie and Southern Style to help us, and you, get on top of Christmas shopping and planning. This week is all about me, and what I want for Christmas. 

Dr Martins
This style has grown on me. Having not believed that they would suit me until I went into the shop to try a pair on, I now have made it my mission to own a pair. However, I'm not entirely sure what style I want to go for, or colour. So here's three very different pairs for you to decide. Let me know what pair you like the best in the comments below. 
These cherry red Dr Martins are a twist on the classic black combat boots in the Dr Martin collection. Perfect for anyone wanting to stand out this Christmas. 
Price: £100 from the website (click above to go straight there) and free delivery to within the UK. 
These are heels with a difference. These Sadie Boots are perfect for a girly-girl with a bit on an edge. Pair these with a leather jacket and a skater dress and you're ready to take on the world. 
Price: £130 from the website (click 'Source' above to go straight there) with free delivery to within the UK. 

Is it just me that thinks the colour on these boots is fantastic. Rather than the traditional leather, suede with a distressed metallic effect has been used. I think it looks amazing, not something you really see around. 
Price: £90 from the website (Source link above) and free delivery from within the UK

Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus
The new Rick Riordan book is out, and I can't wait to read it. The final book in the Heroes of Olympus book, all sorts of questions are going to be answered: will the heroes beat Octavian and the Roman legion before an all out war between the camps erupts? Is splitting up really the right decision in order to stop Gaia from rising? And most importantly, will Leo ever be able to stop the Argo II from blowing up? 
Price: in link above from Amazon Kindle Edition: £5.69, Hardback: £7.00, Paperback: £8.00 (used)

Naked Palette
There are three of these available, but I think if I am to start off, might as well get the original. Neutral shades of eye-shadow for any look, neutral never looked so good. 
Price: £37.00

Bloch Foot Wrap

Just another pair of dancing shoes, sort of. It will give me more diversity on the floor and with the style of dances I can do.
Price: £14.95

Exercise Band:

Given my new love of the gym and exercise (and of course dance), these are perfect. I can build up strength with them, and try some new exercises that I have been dying to, but I needed a resistance band in order to do them. 
Price: £10.00

I hope you liked my Christmas wishlist, and I will be taking part in next week's link up Stocking Stuffer ideas. Can't wait to see you there.