Sunday, 22 June 2014

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone, 

I spent the day relaxing with a good book. My mum was at home, so I also did some chores and errands. In the afternoon I met up with my friend Laura, and we chatted a lot, like normal for us.

Tuesday was much the same as Monday, except I didn’t meet up with Laura. I spent the afternoon drafting some more posts. I sat out in the sun for a while, applying some liberal factor 30 while doing so, otherwise I would be burned to a crisp.

I really had a lazy day, watching TV, reading in the sun and doing some errands. I didn’t even go onto the internet, it was that sort of day. In the afternoon I met up with Laura again, and then headed out to visit the Brownie pack that I used to volunteer at. They were going on a trip to the park, which it was a perfect night for.

I was up early for an appointment, and then I had a lovely leisurely stroll back to my house, stopping in the local second hand shop on my way of course, along with a quick nip into Boots for some essentials. Then, I spent the rest of the afternoon in the sun.

This was a really good day. I got all my grades back finally for first year, and I passed! And I got the required grade average for the University of New Mexico, so all I need to do now is book my flights and pack! This really excited me, so of course to celebrate I had to read another book!


A perfect day. I spent the morning at my old dance class, which was lovely. I love being back, especially as I am given some more responsibility with a small teaching role. When that was over, I met up with Laura (again) and we went to the local ‘bungo in the back lanes, where there were stalls and tea and beer tents run by locals. We also ended up at Queens’ Park Arena (Banstand) where there was a fundraising event for the bandstand to be regenerated. In the evening, my sister and I curled up on the sofa and watched the Hunger Games together. It was very cute.