Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A quick trip to London

Hello Everyone,

Brake: my blogging break

Again I apologise for not blogging as often as I promised. However, I have not stopped this week, and when I did stop, it was to allow myself to recuperate (or no access to the Internet.) But now I am sitting down and writing all the posts for the next few weeks, so there is no excuse.

My travels this week have not been too far (compared with how far I am going at the beginning of August, it is nothing), just a flying visit to London. In order to get my Visa allowing me to study in the US, I had to visit the US Embassy in London for an interview and hand in my documents and passport to be processed. The whole thing took just about 2 hours, but as I have relatives living in and just outside London, we (me and my dad) had to visit them. Despite all this, we still managed to fit in some time to do a little sightseeing.
Hotel outside King's Cross

Lovely painted building near King's Cross

Not entirely sure what this building is for, but it looks pretty

I love visiting London, and have done on a number of occasions where I have frequented most of the main tourist attractions. However, there was one that I haven’t gotten to yet: Kings’ Cross Station, home of the infamous Platform 9 ¾. So finally this week I managed to get to it, and my dad kindly took some pictures of me.
I am very excited about waiting in line

Still waiting...

The first picture of me

We walked by St. Pancras Station as well. I just love taking pictures of old buildings.

We stopped by the British Library, and had a look in at the new Comic exhibition. Then a coffee outside in the sun, of course.

The highlight of the trip had to be finally seeing Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre. I cried the whole way through it, but would happily relive it all again.

Sorry about the building stuff in the way, it was the best we could do

Quick selfie with Dad before it starts

I am so excited!!!

Finally to finish, a picture to sum up London.

What's more London than the London Underground?


I am off on my magical journey, see you!