Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Well, I spent most of the day on a bus, as I was coming back up to Aberdeen after seeing Wicked: The UK and Ireland tour (see my review here). Read on the bus (trying to get my uni reading done), and then back to the library to start on my essays. A long day.

I had quite a few classes, and spent most of the rest of the time in the library. I had a ballet class at night, then returned to the library to continue work on my essays. 

Friday was a good day. I had some classes in the morning and I went to the library (again) to continue on the essays. However, I didn’t stay as late as Thursday, as my dad was up in the ‘Deen to watch the cricket. So we met at the station (along with my uncle) and headed to my cousins’ house in Monifieth. Had a lovely night with them, catching up and watching movies. Also, I got some news that I was so happy about: I am getting to go on a study abroad year to University of New Mexico! Will tell you more about that in another post.

Spent the morning at my cousins’, just chilling and chatting before catching the train back to Aberdeen. When I got back I went straight to (surprise, surprise) the library. Spent the rest of the day there and really got cracking with my work.

I did errands and continued to write my essays. Not much to tell.

After handing in one of my essays (YES!) I went back to the library to continue writing the second. However, I took the evening off, because it was the Glee Club’s meal out. We went to Chiquitto’s and had a great time. It was lovely to chat and bond with everyone who came.

I had a class in the morning, but went in a little early to get to the library to continue work on my essay. I then went to Alfie’s with a friend until I met another blogger friend. We chatted and did some blogging stuff, and a little uni work. Unfortunately, walking home, we both got splashed by a bus driving past and got a little wet. Spent rest of the evening writing some more essay. No rest for the wicked.

That was my week. What have you been up to? Comment below if you did something exciting this week.


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