Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Celebrity Culture: Is it getting out of hand?

Hello Everyone,

Recently I watched a video by SprinkleofGlitter about YouTube celebrity culture, and it really made it think. SprinkleofGlitter talks about how overwhelmed she is at YouTube meet and greet conventions about meeting people, and how some people wait hours to see the YouTubers. Essentially she touches on the celebrity culture of young girls today, and how the fans idolise their YouTubers.  This got me thinking about the idea of idolising YouTubers, and other celebrities.

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People today, especially young teenagers, idolise celebrities too much. There is almost a competition between fans about who can be the biggest super-fan. They also insult those who are not fans, sometimes even with death threats. The fact that this is considered acceptable in society is just unbelievable. These are little girls, they should be taught that this sort of thing is no acceptable to say. They wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, then why should they over social media?

There is a lack of perspective, these people that they are idolising are just people like you and me, they just happen to be famous (for time consuming reasons, I will not go into what I believe justifies someone to be ‘famous’). They do not share everything with you, as they don’t know you, so do not think that you do. They will have a ‘public’ persona that only allows you to see the best of their personality. You have not seen them at their worst, or in a bad mood. People are not perfect, and fans should stop treating their idols as such.
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I will try to be brief on my next point, but it is hard. I do not dislike that people idolise One Direction, or Miley Cyrus. I just think that perhaps, for some balance, people should choose their idols wisely, or just take the best of people that they admire and combine them to be a goal to strive for. I do not like it when people just see someone in magazines and tabloid newspapers, and think, I want that, so I am going to idolise these people. That is not the way to choose your role model, choose someone who stands for something, not someone who is famous just for being famous.

That’s my rant over. I hope you enjoyed this post, and you found it thought-provoking. Comment down below if you did enjoy it, and want some more posts like this.