Monday, 21 April 2014

A-Z Challenge: R

Hello Everyone,

Today’s letter is R, and so my book is Robinson Crusoe.

It is a discovery and survival novel. Robinson Crusoe sets out on a voyage against the wishes of his parents, but the ship gets caught in a storm and he ends up wrecked on an island with only the pets from the ship on board. He saves a few tools, and then just has to survive on his own wits. He is stuck there for a couple of years before he meets some cannibals who come to eat the people stranded on the island. He fights them off but saves a man he dub ‘Friday’ due to the day he met him on. Robinson converts Friday to Christianity. When the cannibals return, they attack and save only two men, Friday’s father and a Spaniard who would be able to get Robinson home. With a little trouble from some pirates, Robinson finally gets back to England with Friday.

Robinson Crusoe asks the questions of what would you do to survive. It also gets you to question your faith, and what you believe in. How much do you have to be put through to prove your faith is strong enough? This is the key question that the book will raise for you, what do you believe in to get you through? God, fate, luck, yourself. It doesn’t really matter ultimately. As long as you have faith in something, you will always have hope of survival.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take? Comment explaining what you would take, and why (you cannot take people, only objects).


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