Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A-Z Challenge: G

Hello Everyone,

Today’s letter is G, and so my book today is Girl, Missing. This was one of my favourite books as a teenager (and yes, all you smart alecs, I am still a teenager, I mean my younger teens). It had it all, adventure, identity, discovering yourself, violence, and a little romance thrown on top, what’s not to love? It tells the story of a young girl called Lauren, and her best friend Jam. Lauren was adopted, and has never met her birth parents. A school assignment titled ‘Who am I?’ gets Lauren questioning her identity, and who she is. She does a search on the internet and comes across an old picture of a little girl who went missing just a few months before Lauren was adopted, and shares an uncanny likeness with her. So Lauren and Jam set out across the Atlantic to the USA to try and find her birth parents, where they encounter violence, kidnap, love and loss. What will happen when Lauren finally meets the parents who lost her so many years ago, and will they accept her? More importantly, will Lauren accept them?

Now, quite clearly, this is not a book that will change the world (this is not necessarily a bad thing), but it is a good book for a teenager who is struggling to fit in, and be who they want to be too. Now, I know all teenagers have these feelings, but this book helped me realise that identity isn’t based on who your friends and your family believe you are, but who you believe you can be. You just have to try, and if your friends can’t accept this, then perhaps they weren’t really your friends after all.

After that slightly depressing paragraph, comment below letting me know what the best book you read when you were a teenager was.