Monday, 3 March 2014

Glitz, Glamour and a Giant Banana

Hello Everyone,

This weekend has been exciting for a number of reasons. One. My friend came up from Glasgow came up to visit. Two. I got accepted into the International Exchange Programme in the University of New Mexico. Three. My friend got a conditional acceptance into one of the universities she applied to. And, Four. It was the annual Law Society’s Ball.

I love everything about events like this: choosing a dress, accessories, shoes, make-up, hair; all the preparation and getting ready. That’s my favourite part of the evening, getting ready. I actually managed to do my hair and make-up in fifty minutes, which I was completely surprised at. Then it was time to leave. Waiting for the taxi, photos at the door to make sure you actually get ones that aren’t blurred, seeing everyone else’s dresses. Chatting and giggling in the taxi until you finally arrive.

Once we arrived at the Marcliffe Hotel which, according to the taxi driver, is the poshest hotel in Aberdeen, there was a fire breather and a bag-piper ready and waiting to welcome us in. Our coats were taken, and we were directed through to the drinks reception. Passing through, we passed a statue of a familiar figure. It was a statue of Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter, complete with a signed note from JK herself! Looking into this later, it emerged that the statue was a gift from the Harry Potter Series' author after staying there while her father-in-law was being treated at the hospital in Aberdeen.

Unfortunately, being poor students and all that, we couldn’t afford to buy any drinks from the drinks reception, but no matter. It made little difference to my enjoyment of the night. Checking the board to find out where we were sitting, we then proceeded to ‘dress spy’ as we called it, which is where you check out what dresses are being worn, and decide if you like it or not. There were loads of beautiful dresses being worn, as well as some not so beautiful ones. 

After the drinks reception we were called upstairs to the ballroom where it was all set up with tables and chairs for the meal. Unfortunately, sitting down at the table we were designated to, we were greeted with ‘who are these people? Why are they here?’ As the meal progressed, it became clear that some of these girls were out of their minds drunk, and not nice friendly drunks, but the most annoying kind. They started fights, for no particular reason, asked the waiter how much they would have to give him to strip, hogged the wine (unsurprisingly), poked and prodded at their food and everyone else’s for that matter. Apart from that, the meal was an enjoyable one, with three lovely courses of good food.

Once the meal was over, it was time for the speeches and the raffle. While this was going on, we got our caricatures drawn, which was lovely. When the artist finished, we headed back downstairs to where a ceilidh was taking place, and we danced the night away. We were given a stunning performance from Aberpella, the Aberdeen acapella group. Also provided free of charge was a photo-booth, with a huge variety of props for use. Armed with a blonde curly wig, pink cowboy hat and a giant banana with a Jimmy hat and sunglasses, we entered the photo-booth ready for some silly memories to be captured on camera. 

The night was finished with a medley of Auld Lang Syne, Sex On Fire and 500 miles, and a very hoarse voice from singing! A swift taxi ride home, giggling and joking ourselves into bed. A perfect end to a wonderful evening.