Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bussing Mahem

Hello Everyone,

Sorry about my absence from the blogosphere yesterday. I had a pretty busy day on Friday, so I wasn’t able to write a post. I’ll tell you what happened.

I was travelling back home from Aberdeen to Glasgow for the Easter break, and so had spent the last few days in a bit of a manic rush packing and tidying to ready myself for the three weeks off (I say off, three essays to write and 3 ½ books to read isn’t really off, but oh well). I had booked my seat on a bus back, and had planned my journey very carefully and meticulously. Well, I got to the bus station, got on my bus fine, and finally started to relax into my seat for the journey ahead. How wrong was I?

We got to Dundee bus station to be told that the bus had broken down and probably wouldn’t be able to make it to Glasgow. So, while we waited for the engineers to arrive, people who were going to Perth were put on another bus that had free seats to Perth, and the rest of us just had to wait. We weren’t waiting for long though; the steward came up and told us that if we wanted they had a bus to Glasgow, but that it would take 2 hours 40 minutes to get there. At this point I was a tad hungry and tired, and just wanted to get home, so onto that bus I went.

Crammed on, I got a single seat at the front next to quite a nice lady from St Andrews, she was off home to Perth and was interested in my university course. So we chatted for a while, mostly about the joys of public transport, and when she got off, I was too tired to do anything other than watch some shows I downloaded from BBC iPlayer. At the next stop, she was replaced by another nice lady who was reading the book of the TV show I was watching. However, when she got off, that’s when it got interesting.

What I presumed was a couple got on at that stop with two toddlers. The lady sat down beside me with the youngest child. And the man sat down in the front row seat with the slightly older child. However, the bus company couldn’t allow this, as the little girl would be sitting on his lap without a seatbelt on. The bus driver told him that he couldn’t do that, and asked if anyone would swap seats with him. The man seemed to take some offence at this, and started to mouth off at the bus driver. As I was sitting next to his wife/girlfriend, I said that I would swap seats, as I know what it’s like to get on a bus and have to split up from your family. Also, it meant that I got lots of leg room at the front, and could see exactly where we were. So finally, I managed to relax and finish watching my programmes.

I finally got home, only an hour later than planned, and my family picked me up from the bus station. When I got in, all I really had the energy to do was eat dinner, have a wee catch up, watch a little telly, and then sleep.


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