Monday, 31 March 2014

A-Z April Challenge Theme Reveal

Hello Everyone,

For the next month, my posts will be slightly different. I will be doing the A-Z April Challenge (those eagle eyed readers will have seen in my sidebar the logo for this for the last week or so). I will explain what this entails (for me, not you as readers, you just continue reading and hopefully enjoying my posts).

Every day (apart from Sundays) I will post on a subject beginning with a letter. The 1st of April will be A, the 2nd B and so on until Z. There doesn’t have to be a theme, but with my love of theming things means that of course I will choose a theme. So, without much further ado, my theme is… dun dun dun… Grace’s A-Z of books! Books I’ve read, books I haven’t, books I want to, books I don’t.  Everything bookish. I’ve even made it harder for myself because I am still doing my link-up Five on Friday, so on Fridays I will be doing 5 books beginning with that letter.

I hope you’re looking forward to the next month of bookish heaven, I know I am.


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