Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Who am I?

Hello Everyone,

I'm Grace and I'm a first year English and Legal Studies Student in Aberdeen University. I recently moved to the 'Deen for university from Glasgow, and am loving it. I want to work in the media, specifically writing. I love to read, write, shop, spending time with friends, essentially everything any normal student loves to do.  

Recently, I was posed with the idea of creating my own blog, which allows me to write about exactly what I want to write about. So that's what I've done. I'm going to write about anything that inspires me,  about whats going on in my life, and my views on it. I'll try my hand at everything and anything, and when I've got something that I really enjoy writing about, I'll stick with it. So if you can, let me know what you enjoy, and I'll try to repeat it.

Now, got to go to class, will post again soon,