Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How to Plan A Solo Journey

Hello Everyone, 

Planning a solo journey is not as hard as it seems. I have had had to do a couple myself, and will be doing more of it in the near future, so I thought I would write down a few of my tips for it.

Plan Ahead. This may seem obvious, but make sure you have planned the trip carefully. Make sure that all the dates match up, and the same with hotels and places you're going. Make sure that you are going where you want to be going. For example, there is both a Las Vegas, Nevada, and a Las Vegas, New Mexico. Don't get these mixed up, your trip would be a bit of a disappointment.

Explore all the options for travel. Sometimes the most direct route is not necessarily the best one. Sometimes a train journey would be more interesting, and you can see more of the sights that way. An all inclusive trip is not always the least expensive. Make sure you explore all the options that are open to you.

There are some things you should not try to save money on. Insurance for example. If you skimp on insurance, then if an emergency happens, you may end up with a lot of money to pay for a fairly simple procedure that your insurance would have covered. If you lose something valuable, or it was stolen, then your insurance can often cover it, and replace it for you. Another thing not to skimp on is where you live. I'm not saying that you shouldn't choose the cheapest option, but just make sure that what you're getting is worth your money. Make sure you're in the right sort of neighbourhood, with the right kind of option for you. However, there are many things you can save money on: travel, food, sights, location. So don't worry about having a budget holiday, you can still save money.

Read blogs. Many travel blogs will give better recommendations than guide books as they will have been in the location much more recently, and often have similar situations to their readers. That is not to say don't buy a guide book. They are also very useful when you're looking for things like maps, public transport links etc. And unless you have unlimited international internet on your phone, it will cost you a lot more than a simple  guidebook to read blogs on your phone as you sight see.