Friday, 10 October 2014

Letters From America: Packing

Hello Everyone, 

Packing is difficult. You will put it off, and put it off until you physically cannot put it off anymore. So when the time comes where you must get your packing done, you need a lot of help. Here are a five helpful steps to getting your packing done ASAP for my Five on Friday post.

  1. Choose your bag. If you only have one bag, then use that. But if you have a choice in bags, then choose which one you are most likely to need. A rucksack for a weekend trip will do. You do not need a huge suitcase for one weekend away (unless you are a student and are taking washing home for the parents to do). 
  2. Decide what you need. Not want. Things that you cannot live without and are necessary for your survival. So if it is a school trip, or an organised trip that sends you a list of things you need, lay these out first. Items such as clothes, toiletries, underwear are also to be laid out at this point. One outfit per day, no more, no less. This means that any extra things like laptops, snacks or makeup are not packed at this point. 
  3. Put these things in your bag. And see how much room you have left. If you have any room left, you may decide what extra things you want. If an extra pair of shoes will fit then you can put them in at this point. If you want to put in some makeup and things as well, do that too. (Although girls, you will always need less makeup than you think you do. Go down the simple fresh faced look, and you'll be golden). Try and prioritise what you want as well as what you need. If you could live without it, and are comfortable living without it, then do not take it. 
  4. Make sure you fold everything you can. Folding things flat will take up less space, so this means that will will be able to take more things. Or you will be able to take a smaller bag (especially useful if you have weight limits on planes). It also means that your clothes will not be too creased when you get there, so no hunting around for an iron in the mornings. 
  5. Make a check-list of everything you have brought. This is for when you are heading back, you know that you have not forgotten anything. If you buy anything while there, make sure you add it to the list so it won't be forgotten either. 
Any other tips you think we need while packing that you think I have forgotten, or another tip that you yourself have picked up along the way, comment below with them.

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