Friday, 26 September 2014

Letters From America: The State Fair

Hello Everyone, 

This weekend, I went to the State Fair. It was like every childhood dream put together. There was a petting zoo, roller coasters, native-american dancing, spanish dancing, and as much food as you could eat. I went on the second to last day, and it was mobbed. There was also a best in show for pretty much everything, it was like the Great American Bake-Off! the only problem was that they put their cakes, biscuits, breads etc. in display cabinets, which I think is a waste of really good cake. However, I still got to try all sorts of wonderful food, including alligator! It tasted like steak, I thought. I also got really hung up on becoming like Chandler and Joey and buying a chick and a duck for my room (although I wasn't able to get any good pictures of that). Here are a few of the best bits.