Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Here is my weekly update. As it now officially exam time for me, my weeks may get a bit boring, but not too boring. I still plan to keep my late evenings free for some down-time (otherwise I may go mad).

This was another day spent in the library to finally finish my last essay. I worked from about 9am until about 5pm straight, and it was done. Thank goodness. All I had to do was put my bibliography in order, and then hand it in in the morning. A good day’s work.

Handed in my last essay!!! I spent the rest of the day researching for Albuquerque and trying to work out a schedule of classes, which was very difficult, as not all the classes I needed would be offered. But it will be fine, I have a huge range of classes that will fit, and some left over for some other classes that I would like to do rather than being mandatory (History of Dance anyone?) I’m kidding, that is just a backup. Spent the evening doing my ballet classes, and then some extra practise on pointe at the end. Started to choreograph a new routine for me to practise to Let it Go from Frozen. I might get a chance to film it, when I finish the routine.

Friday was my last day of lectures as a first year in Aberdeen. Just one lecture in the morning, and then, as it was so nice, I sat and read on Elphinstone Lawn, before getting the bus into town to catch my bus back to Glasgow. So happy to be going home and seeing everyone before it gets really crazy and stressful.

I spent Saturday morning at my old dance class, and it was lovely to see everyone again. I even got to teach a few steps which I really enjoyed. Then I headed to get my hair cut, which it really needed, it was far too long for me! My dad and my sister were at the Scottish cup final between Dundee United and St Johnson, so I got to spend an afternoon with my mum, it was great to catch up. They were very disappointed that St Johnson won, although I couldn’t care either way. After a lovely tea with my Mum, Dad, Sister, Gran and Auntie, I headed out to meet a friend for cocktails in the local bar. I had a fabulous time catching up, and tried a few really nice cocktails as well.

This was a day for paperwork. I filled in lots of forms, and worked out what I needed to do for my visa to get to the US. Have now started to arrange everything, and just waiting for the Pre-Departure Meeting to answer some of my questions. After that, I caught the bus back up to Aberdeen, and then had my last night of doing nothing before it started to get crazy tomorrow.

I spent the day in the library studying. Very very very hard. This is what my life will be for the next few weeks, so I may not post on here as often as I want to. Studies have to come first at this point.

Spent the day in the library, and started to make a huge wall mind-map filled with my politics notes. This will be a thing of beauty, as well as helping me to learn. That’s all I did really.

That’s my week so far. Not too interesting, but I thought I would tell you guys about it.