Monday, 19 May 2014

Travelling the World: Introduction

Hello Everyone,

Something that I keep mentioning is the IEP, which is the International Exchange Programme. Essentially, if I get the grades in my exams, I will be going to study for a year in the University of New Mexico in the USA! This is very exciting, but also a bit stressful and scary (as all new experiences are). As a result I am going to create a new series of posts with the tag: Travelling the World containing all the details of the entire year, both leading up to leaving, and while I am there, and a reflections when I am back.

As well as studying hard for my exams I have to register for classes, fill in VISA forms, research flight prices, and get accommodation sorted. It is difficult as often it takes a lot more time to sort than I plan. I still haven’t gotten everything done. I was also delayed a week in starting this process as I didn’t know whether or not I would be able to go for about a week, so I didn’t bother looking at anything until I knew for definite.

The study abroad office and my Advisor of Studies have been very helpful throughout this process, but the University of New Mexico have been less so. Their website, no matter how many testimonials they put in, does not explain the basic differences between the UK system and the US system in university. If it would just explain how the UNM system works, like semesters and courses. Otherwise it is just poking about in the dark, hoping I am going to pick a course that is actually offered. I spent three hours working out a schedule of classes yesterday, and I am still not done.

Nevertheless, I am very excited about going. It has given me the incentive to try extra hard in my exams, even harder than I would normally. Albuquerque is quite a nice looking place, with some beautiful landscapes and skylines, made by the hills that surround it. It has a hugely diverse student population, with one of the highest percentages of Hispanic students attending their university.

If anyone knows anything about UNM schooling system, don’t be afraid to comment below. I’d really appreciate it.