Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

Hello Everyone,

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the A to Z Challenge this last month. It was lots of fun, and most of the time I found it not too difficult to write everyday. At times I found it taxing, but forcing myself to write really helped me get past ‘blogger’s blog’ as it were. And sometimes I was a little late in posting, but I got there eventually.

My writing has improved, and I have gotten much faster at it as well. My brain now seems to have a blogging switch that says ‘right, I’m blogging now, get going’, and writing my posts just seems to come much more naturally (now I just need to get an essay writing switch as well!)

I had to be much more organised than I normally am with my posts, and have them planned well in advance to get them done (all the subjects chosen and things like that). And once I got into a pattern with my writing, it was easier to continue with what I was doing. I would have a routine of when I will write, and I think that the A to Z Challenge really helped with that, without it I think I would have been a little more aimless with my writing. It is a very good challenge for new bloggers as it helps you get used to writing, but people will actually visit your blog and give you helpful hints and tips about how to improve, which you will not necessarily get if you didn’t do the challenge.

Most of all, I really enjoyed visiting all the new blogs that I wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise. I didn’t manage to visit a lot every-day, but those that I enjoyed I subscribed to, and can easily get back to. I really enjoyed seeing all the different types of blogs: travel, lifestyle, creative writing, D.I.Y. etc. There are so many out there, and there are some ideas that I wouldn’t even have contemplated making into a blog, but that worked really well. I have also been given some new ideas about content in my blog, and where to take it. It was such a learning experience, and I am so glad that I did it. Thank you A to Z Team for making this happen.